Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a Good Day for Miss Peggy Lee

by Michael Dresdner

In case you were wondering, the one night show It’s a Good Day for Miss Peggy Lee at Centerstage turned out to be all that I had hoped for, and a good deal more.

As usual, David Duvall both led his stalwart band (Bruce Carpenter, Rich Cole, Paul Baron, Bud Jackson, Bill Branvold, Don Miller, Jon Miller, Don Dieterich) and crafted an absolutely delightful evening that would rival the best of Las Vegas.

But what really put it over the top was headliner Lindsey Larson.

With a cool, sweet, bell-like voice and a superb on-stage demeanor, she charmed the audience and adroitly made Peggy Lee’s music come alive (again.) It was not just a great voice, mind you, but straightforward delivery coupled with a wonderful range of expression. True to the scope of Miss Lee’s long and varied career, she zipped fluidly through a wide pantheon of musical styles, and I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job of it.  

In short, a brilliant impresario led an excellent orchestra behind a vocalist that was perilously easy to adore.  

Hey, I told you not to miss it.

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